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Marlene Potter's fascination with how the biology of the brain influences people’s emotions, behavior and interactions led her to author a book, Emotional Hijacking: How a Simple Understanding of the Way Your Brain Works Can Bring You Peace of Mind.

Emotional Hijacking was published by 

The Coconut Grove Center for Counseling has provided a professional office environment for psychotherapists and their clients since 1989.

Marlene Potter, LCSW, created the Coconut Grove Center for Counseling in 1989 to provide a warm and inviting place where emotional healing can begin with safety, connection and understanding.  The Center has been at its current location since its inception 33 years ago. 

Professional Office Rentals

Marlene's initial vision was to build a team of mental health therapists to serve the South Florida community.  In the mid-90's, she chose to practice independently and, at the urging of her team, turned the Center into a professional office suite for independent psychotherapists. 

Marlene's desire and passion to help young mental health practitioners successfully launch a private practice led her to pioneer the concept of providing some offices for rental on an hourly basis.  Within a short time the concept expanded to include renting to established therapists wanting to practice on a part-time basis or therapists wanting to add a branch location.

Click this button to submit a request if you are interested in learning more about our rental plans.

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